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Jess fulfils her dream winning Olympic Gold

Jess Fox has put on a flawless performance in the Women’s C1 Canoe Slalom final,

claiming Olympic Gold by a massive three second margin at the Tokyo Games.

Jess has long advocated for the race's inclusion on the Tokyo program, giving the sport gender parity, and campaigned for this to come into fruition - something that has paid off extremely well after securing the elusive gold medal. Jess has now won a medal at all three Olympic games that she has attended with a complete collection of a gold, silver and two bronze medals.

Her perfect final run gave her a finishing time of 105.04, beating her semi-final time earlier that day by a huge five seconds and knocking Mallory Franklin to second place.

Coming into the event as favourite after claiming bronze in Wednesday’s K1 final, Jess’ dad and member of the Channel 7 commentary team Richard Fox, talked of the pressure in this historic event:

“The pressure, you know we talk about pressure, but I think what happened in the K1 final shattered her, and to come back from that to recompose herself, that was so good.”

Thrilled to have fulfilled her dream, Jess said:

”I'm so proud I was able to pull that run out."
"I was dreaming of it. I really believed it was all within me, that I could do it. You never know what's going to happen in the Olympics and it's about holding your nerve."
"It was just about do what you know how to do, be you, and I think we make a great team so I’m super proud to share it with [my mum] and she is my biggest inspiration so to have both [my mum and sister] here and dad at home – I can’t wait to show him this medal.”

Jess was one of just eight paddlers to do the C1-K1 double, with only one other qualifying for the final.

As the greatest paddler of all time, Jess had nation-wide support throughout her whole Olympic journey, with her podium appearances touching the hearts of so many Australians.


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